Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Student Quality

For all those interested in passing and still being able to put
pies on the table, here are some sugests.

For paper and equipment check out The Decal Edge, situated
in woodstock, they have every paper u can imagine as well as
a huge range of pens, brushes, paints, mounting utensils, ect.

Alternativly thers a paper shop in the life style centre bt they'r
a lil bit more expensive and they dont have a big range.

Note worthy printers are Digital Buro, Half Circle and Colour
& Copy. Avoid using post net at all costs as they are slow,
expensive and of a very poor quality. If u just want to print
a word doc, use Geeks.

Best process for projects is to....
1) Decide the end result u wud like 2 achieve.
2) Check that the printer u wish to use can do the job u want,
make sure to check paper size and weight.
3) Get paper and tools from decal edge (Take Student Card)
4) Compose and prepare work for final print
making sure to take the original work (exported/prepared
for output) as well as a tiff/jpeg as a back up.

Best printers for CANVAS - Half Circle
Best printers for BOX WORK - Digital Buro

For anyone traveling through Ronderbosch area, there is a
small printing place on on the main road called Colour and
Copy. They are extremly cheap and fast, and can print to
almost any size.

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  1. All canvas prints at half circle take about a week, possibly a week and a half to print, so if anyone is interested, keep in mind that it is a send-out job and will not be done there on the spot.